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Agro Chemicals
These Agro Chemicals are used in increasing the production of agricultural activities. The chemicals have great water solubility, balanced pH level, consists of different trace elements with good shelf life.
Industrial Chemicals
We are offering the best Industrial Chemicals that are supplied by our company in best parameters and conditions. These are used in different industries to produce textile, plastics, ribber, paper and many other things.
Chemical Fertilizers
Buy Chemical Fertilizers to increases the fertility of the soil and producing healthy crops. These are supplied by our company in good protective packaging. The chemicals are made from natural and other chemical components in accurate composition for great results.
Agricultural Fertilizers
The Agricultural Fertilizers are made from three essential nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These chemicals helps in growing of plants, retain the soil fertility and increase the production rates of growing crops.
Super Absorbent Polymer
Use Super Absorbent Polymer for increasing the field water absorption capacity to prevent drought, leaching and run-offs. These are supplied by our company in good and large quantities as per clients requirements.
Seaweed Extracts
Seaweed Extracts is prepared for green, brown and red algae which make them organic and safe to use. These seaweed powders and flakes helps in the growth and nutritional quality of the products.
Amino Acid Fertilizers
Amino Acid Fertilizers that we are offering are more than one type which are organic and safe to use. These are used for maintaining the soil conditioning, fertility and nutrient quality.
Natural Brassinolide
Natural Brassinolide is a natural growth promoter hormone which is taken up from the plant Brassica napus pollen and used for increasing the agricultral production rates. These are used in different plants, crops, vegetables and fruits trees etc.
Humic Acid for Plant Growth Regulator
Humic Acid for Plant Growth Regulator is used as plant biostimulant directly on plants in low concentration. It is ideal to enhance the nutrient uptake, quality and plant growth. This is safe to use and available in 100% effective form without any adulteration. 
Potassium Humate Shiny Flakes
Potassium Humate Shiny Flakes are made from brown coal element linarite which is used to increase the potassium uptake in the soil. These flakes have good solubility and organic in nature.
Industrial Chemical
The Industrial Chemicals are non-toxic, stable and have high purity level composition. These are manufactured from superior raw materials and are use for making of textiles, plastics,paper etc products,

Agricultural Biopesticides
The Agricultural Biopesticides are used in the killing or preventing the crop disease. These chemicals help in increasing of the production rates and produce healthy nutritional fields.