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E Gold - Ethion 50% EC

E Gold - Ethion 50% EC

1680 INR/Liter

Product Details:


E Gold - Ethion 50% EC Price And Quantity

  • 1680 INR/Liter

Product Description

Ethion 50% EC refers to a pesticide formulation containing 50% Ethion as the active ingredient. Ethion is an organophosphorus insecticide and acaricide commonly used in agriculture to control a variety of pests, including insects and mites.

Here's a breakdown of the information:

1. Active Ingredient: Ethion (chemical name: O,O,O',O'-tetraethyl S,S'-methylene bis(phosphorodithioate))

2. Concentration: The concentration of Ethion in this formulation is 50% EC, which stands for Emulsifiable Concentrate. This means that the product is a liquid concentrate that can be mixed with water to form an emulsion for application.

3. Usage: Ethion is primarily used to control a wide range of pests in crops, including but not limited to, aphids, mites, caterpillars, and other insects.

4. Mode of Action: As an organophosphorus compound, Ethion acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor, disrupting the normal functioning of the nervous system in pests.


Users typically dilute the concentrated formulation with water according to the manufacturer's instructions and then apply it to crops using spraying equipment.

Target Crops: Cotton, Chilli, Gram, Tea, Soybean

Target Pests: Mites, Thrips, Whitefly, Pod borer, Boll worms

Mode Of Action: Contact insecticide

Ethion 50% EC FAQ:

Q. What is Ethion 50% EC used for?

Ans: This question aims to understand the specific pests or issues that this pesticide formulation is designed to control.

Q. How do I dilute Ethion 50% EC for application?

Ans: Understanding the proper dilution ratios and application methods is crucial for effective and safe use.

Q. What crops can Ethion 50% EC be applied to?

Ans: Different pesticides are labeled for use on specific crops, and users need to know the approved crops for application.

Q. What is the recommended application timing?

Ans: Timing is often critical for effective pest control, so users may want to know the optimal periods for applying this pesticide.

Q. Are there any restrictions on re-entry intervals after application?

Ans: Re-entry intervals specify how long individuals must wait before entering treated areas, ensuring safety for workers and others.

Q. What safety precautions should be taken during application?

Ans: Users should be aware of safety measures, including protective equipment, to minimize exposure risks.

Q. Is Ethion 50% EC harmful to beneficial insects or the environment?

Ans: This question addresses concerns about the potential impact of the pesticide on non-target organisms and the environment.

Q. What is the shelf life of Ethion 50% EC?

Ans: Understanding the shelf life helps users know the period during which the product remains effective and safe to use.

Q. Can Ethion 50% EC be tank-mixed with other pesticides?

Ans: Some farmers may want to combine multiple pesticides in a tank mix for convenience, so compatibility information is important.

Q. Is there a pre-harvest interval to be observed after application?

Ans: The pre-harvest interval is the time that must elapse between the last application of the pesticide and the harvest of the crop.
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